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Outreach Multiplied

Sarah Florimonte

Development and Communications Associate

IMG_2761Last Thursday, we put out a simple call out on Facebook, “IMMEDIATE NEED: We are in need of a light meal tonight for the children at the Family ESL Program! If you or your group can provide, please e-mail Thank you!”. This was new for Serving Our Neighbors (SON) Ministries and was prompted by one of our new goals at the Family ESL Program this year: feed all the children at the program a light meal. We have learned that many children show up with the Family ESL Program without having eaten dinner; due to a variety of reasons. We also know that learning is harder on an empty stomach.

Throughout the year, many partners have stepped in to help us with this. The Junior League of Columbus- Kids in the Kitchen, Chick-fil-A Market of Hilliard, Amlin Methodist Church and others have all stepped in and provided dinner In addition to groups, many individuals stepped in brought bread, meat and milk. But this Thursday, we had a blank on our calendar.

Within ten minutes, we got a message. “How many children are there that need a light meal tonight and would pizza be acceptable? Larry Perman.”. “Yes! Pizza is acceptable and about 100 children!”, was our quick answer.

That night, 25 cheese pizzas showed up at the door of the Family ESL Program. Not only were we able to feed the children that night; we were able to feed the adults. The smiles on their faces were infectious. The central staff was smiling for a different reason; none of us knew Larry. We wondered, how did Larry hear about SON Ministries? Why was he even following us on Facebook if he had never been involved? At SON Ministries we like to say, “People are our priority-RELATIONSHIPS are our goal!” How is it even possible someone gave us such a blessing that we had never crossed paths with? So, we asked..

“…Someone from your ministry spoke at New Hope Church several months ago and we were so impressed with the outreach to these families… I have SON on my Facebook account and felt led to provide the pizza when I saw the need yesterday…God Bless, Larry”

This response was a blessing to us that God is leading people to our ministry through the outreach we engage in to reach those who can help in addition to those we can serve. Thank you, Larry for your encouragement in all of our outreach and thanks for the pizza!!

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