Monthly Archives: November 2015

Tween Time

SON Ministries

Kara Williams

OSU Social Work Intern


SON Ministries serves a wonderful group of children through the Kids Club program, many who are nearing their teenage years. Since teaming with their vision, I have developed a heart for this particular group of children, hoping to connect with them in a way that keeps them coming back! This week at Kids Club, we started “Tween Time”, involving the tweens in fun team building activities. What a success! They loved having the special time just for them, making them feel valued and important.

It also showed our appreciation for their dedication to their families and the program. If these tweens were not patient and sometimes tolerant even of the plans that are (due to capacity constraints) mostly geared towards younger children (K-5) then their parents might not be able to study English to improve their employability and their siblings might not have access to the social and educational support opportunities offered here.

Our time spent together was full of laughter and cheering as we encouraged our team members to complete “Minute to Win It” games. Since then we have also prepared nutritious “peanut butter bites” for the snack for another program night.

The feedback from the tweens has been so positive, and thanks to the handful of faithful weekly adult volunteers, we look forward to planning for tweens ongoing for this 2015/2016 Kids Club year.

At SON Ministries, PEOPLE are our priority—RELATIONSHIPS are our goal.