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November 21, 2013

We Really Are All the Same!

Children Sing at Potluck Dinner

by Pam Vallette, SON Ministries Program Manager


Lujane (age 3) sings “ABC”

Last night I attended an impromptu concert that was both joy-filled and inspiring. It took place at the Thanksgiving Potluck at Family ESOL/Kids Club.  I heard sweet renditions of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “The A,B,C Song” from 3 and 4 year old children.  A couple of school aged chidlren sang “Dynamite” accompanied by the song playing on cd.  Each child trembled a bit but held the microphone, looked at the audience and began singing to a crowd of likely 200 people.  As I listened, I was struck by how brave they each are and I wondered if my own children would have been so brave at such young ages.  I also saw parents whose faces were full of pride and love as they took pictures or video of their children.  Those faces were a mirror to me of my own deep feelings of love and joy for my children.  Then it struck me…..we really are all the same!   We may look different, dress different, speak different languages and even have different beliefs.  But, we are all here….living in central Ohio, and we all profoundly love our children.


I so admire the families I have met through Serving Our Neighbors (SON) Ministries.  Many of them suffered hardship in their home countries and made the choice to come to the U.S.

They are very brave.

Now perhaps I know why their children can stand up in front of a group of strangers and sing.  I wonder if I could ever be so brave?