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Welcome and Warm

The morning after our Winter Wear Coat Store 2016 a parent wrote about her experience and asked the principal at her school to forward her comments to us. We were sooooo blessed… and want you to be BLESSED too. – Alison Rooney, SON Ministries’ Director of Programs

14856071_1237322616290492_2921870330194945052_oI wanted to take a second tonight before bed to say thank you for keeping (my daughter) in mind for the Winter Wear event. It was one of the greatest things (she) has been given. She is so grateful for the adorable coats and hand made scarf she received. The way (you) had this organized was amazing. We walked in and there was people everywhere. First thought was oh no this is going to take forever. But within 15 minutes, (a volunteer) found us and began taking (my daughter) shopping. She was so friendly and open to what (my daughter) had to say. She truly made the 10 minutes of picking out a coat all about her!

What I enjoyed most was never once did you have a feeling of being judged, unwelcomed, or even unwanted.

So thank you again for opening another door for an amazing experience for (my daughter).

And the best part of all this, (my daughter) mentioned she would like to donate her old coat to someone in need since she’s outgrown it.

I would love it if you could forward this email just to show my appreciation for this amazing event.

I am extremely grateful for the event, now I do not have to worry about Winter Wear!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

You all took away a little bit of the stress of the upcoming winter and my baby girl’s basic needs ♡

-A Parent , Winter Wear 2016

At SON Ministries, we offer HOPE to children and families facing suburban poverty by offering a respect-filled HAND UP.

Food, Fellowship, and Friendship…

By Alison Gessner Rooney

Director of Programs

Food, Fellowship, and Friendship -across 27 different nations – including the USA. 


Last Thursday evening, volunteers, staff, children and families of the Family ESL Program joined together for our Annual International Thanksgiving Potluck.

A best estimate is that 250 people total were in attendance – a new record!

Our amazing Volunteer Potluck Team, “Larry’s Team”, even rolled out two more large round tables as more eager guests arrived!  (A big shout out to Joy, Larry and “The Team”.)

Women dressed in beautiful traditional clothing – children “dressed up” too – I saw ties and special sweaters and fancy dresses – bringing out the very best for this unique party invitation.

Together we enjoyed foods from all over the world, proudly prepared with loving hearts and hands, eager to share and make real a “tangible” from their home countries – now so far away.

img_1041Together we experienced  a joy-filled talent show by the children of “Kids Club” – featuring acts as diverse as Michael Jackson and a traditional Thanksgiving song… (lovingly taught in the earlier weeks by Teen Volunteer, Hannah).

Together we enjoyed smiles and laughs – universal languages superseding any other (real or perceived) barriers…

Together we connected – with our hearts and through our presence.

Through the Family ESL Program (English classes for adults, educational support and activities for children) we are simply peacefully in proximity, rallying around a joint/shared goal.

We have the God-ordained opportunity (and thrill!), every Tuesday and Thursday evening, and throughout the year(s),  to see and experience each other as more alike than different.

Together we not only seek a more harmonious world, we build one, in Jesus’ name.

At SON Ministries, TOGETHER, we build a more compassionate and caring community, (and world),  one respect-filled relationship at a time.