I am a Teen Intern for SON Ministries. I’ve been involved with the SON Ministries Summer Lunch program for about eight years so it’s almost like I’ve grown up with SON. But this was my first year volunteering for SON Ministries at Kids Club. Out of all the eight years, this year seems to stand out the most to me because I received a whole different perspective. But one thing hasn’t changed throughout my experience with SON Ministries, the feeling of happiness. I’ve had many great experiences with the children and volunteers, but the one thing that made this year even more special to me was that there were children and volunteers from the same country as me, which really made Kids Club feel like a second home. There hasn’t been a day where I didn’t smile or laugh. The people around you at SON Ministries are unbelievably positive. They are like my second family, they are always there for you whenever you need someone. The children and volunteers never failed to put a smile on my face.

Whenever someone asks me to describe the feeling you get at any of SON Ministries’ programs, I describe it as when you first walk in you’ll instantly fall in love with the program. There’s something about seeing a room full of children and adults all getting along and the laughs and smiles on their faces. You just know in your heart that it will become your safe place to let all your worries and stress fly away.

 I always ask myself who would I be without SON Ministries. I truly don’t know the answer to that because SON Ministries has helped me discover my passion for helping others and my community. SON Ministries has even provided me with many opportunities. One being the youth board; where we get to discuss problems in our community and how to solve those problems. Tuesday and Thursday nights have definitely became the highlight of my week.


Thank you SON Ministries for giving me my safe place.

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