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Three Days at Camp

Jan Reichert

Teen Intern

As a Teen Intern, the Serving Our Neighbors (SON) Ministries’ Hilliard Free Lunch Summer Camp for Kids has been a great experience for me as it has been an opportunity to not only get the volunteer hours needed for National Honors Society, but also to do what I love – working with children. I’m writing about the past three days (July 12 to July 14) as to me they have been the most eventful days of camp.

blog 2On July 12, the Hilliard Fire Department was kind enough to drive one of their emergency vehicles to the church and show the children everything inside. I thought this was an amazing experience for the children as they got to see what it is really like to be a firefighter, which some of the campers want to grow up and be. It was also a very fun day since they turned on the hose and let everyone run through the water. On Thursday, I got to see how “Taco Bell Jr.” desserts were made for the first time. It was a very fun experience to watch the kids work as a team to create the Oreo balls for their restaurant. It definitely helped them learn to work not only with each other but independently as well.

blog.jpgLastly on Friday, I was able to see one of the campers become an entrepreneur! She had decided to make and sell her own “slime” – an awesome idea. She let the younger kids play with it before buying it which was very generous of her. It was very cool to see someone so young decide to start their own business. Free play during the course of camp was also a favorite of mine, as all the kids are so creative in how they play games, and their drawings too. Anna decided to draw my name for me on a piece of paper – which I brought home and plan to keep. This camp was an amazing experience as I got to meet a lot of new people and spend time with kind and caring kids.

At SON Ministries, people our our priority-RELATIONSHIPS are our goal!

Never Feel Alone…

Jay Patel

Teen Intern

Resized_20170629_121633This summer I was new. This is my second year running in United States. I heard about this summer camp in Hilliard Davidson Morning summer news when school was closed in 15 days. That time I decide I want to do some fun and productive things. I filled out my application form and took interviewed with SON Ministries. Then I was good to go.

I was really nervous on first day of camp. Nobody knew me . But as time gone everybody knows me. I like to come in this camp. I am bored at home when camp is not on specific day. I ride bus with children to the camp I  meet the children in the bus and I got to know and build relationships with the children. Not only with bus riders from other children also I got to know them even though they are not come in my bus. I love to play with Kindergarten and 1st grade children. I do crafts and participate in every games and being a role model for them. Green shirts and Orange shirts are really nice and help me when I am in problem. Especially when I have trouble in speaking and understanding.

I love to drink chocolate milk , eat fruits and salads everyday. I love to play new games  like nine square and many other board games which I never played before. I was alone to come to this camp for 1 week. I encouraged my two brothers to joined this camp. They also like this  camp. one of my brother is blue shirt and one he just complete Kindergarten. This my little brother tells my family everyday what we are doing at this camp. He enjoying this camp every much. I got a chance to make a poster for Restaurant . It made me famous at whole camp. I alone made that poster at home. All was happy to see my poster. Mr. Art took some pictures and stick that poster in front door.  I was so happy that all like my poster.

On July 7,2017 I met a lady who work at Washington D.C. in White House with their team. It was my best thing ever I did in summer camp. She told her story to all of us. She is working in legislature and she visited 20 countries including my country India . She went to India for 1 week 15 days ago. She told her story about she just visited India  recently. It was a fabulous experience. (Editors Note: Congresswoman Joyce Beatty visited)

Another thing I had a chance to do lead an activity named Musical chair in brackets with little kids. For me it was hard kids wanted to do their stuff but after some time they contributed in my activity for 20 minutes . Altogether 3 orange shirts handle that activity. With that two volunteers I leaded my activity,  thanks a lot. I didn’t have that much to say but thank you SON Ministries for giving me an opportunity for volunteering. I am so happy to come at your camp and got to know many people from different cultures, countries , religions etc. I never see such a diverse place. Thanks also to staff that helped me and never feel me being alone.

At SON Ministries, we build up COMMUNITY one respectful, empowering relationship at a time.

Perfect the Way They Are

Manar Alrjub

Teen Intern

IMG_4003When I started volunteering for the first time with Serving Our Neighbors (SON) Ministries, I was really nervous but curious at the same time. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to socialize with so many young children or I wasn’t going to be able to enjoy my summer. However, as the days went by, I became more and more comfortable. I began to look forward to come in everyday and see such bright, beautiful smiling faces. Not only that, but I’ve been able to experience such unique and unexpected events with the campers and members of SON Ministries. The main event that I’ll be focusing on is an event that really touched my heart.

On June 26th, 2017, members of a non-profit organization, IGNITE our city,  came in and notified us that we had the great opportunity to have our art featured at the Columbus Museum of Art. They had a plan for each individual camper to cut out a hand out of construction paper and decorate it in ways that represent them. Afterwards, these
hands would be put together and they would form a tree that represented this year’s
camp members. Not only did this project bring the campers together, but it also showed
our interests and our unique characteristics to all of Columbus.

I decided to share this experience because this project doesn’t only show whoIMG_4004
the campers really are but it shows what SON Ministries stands for. From the moment I stepped foot in my camp site, I instantly felt the love and the comfort that the SON
Ministries members shared. I saw bright smiles everywhere and I heard kind words being passed around. The project that we got to be involved in was created to let everyone know that they are extraordinary and that they are perfect the way they are. SON Ministries does a wonderful job spreading that message. They bring so many people together to create a camp that has so much diversity, it’s unbelievable. They let
everyone know that there is only one of each person and that’s why we are all unique. Lastly, SON Ministries makes everyone feel included. They encourage all campers and volunteers to embrace their interests and their backgrounds because that’s what makes each person special.

At SON Ministries, we see each person CREATED in GOD’s own image; each as a purpose and a voice.