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Reflection of Toxic Charity

Blog Post by Teen Intern with SON Ministries

I thought this book was great! Lupton supported his main idea with testimonies from poor people themselves and from all kinds of people who have worked in the betterment and in the development of poor neighborhoods. It was refreshing to have someone show how handouts may help in a time of crisis, but how they can keep people dependent if there is no change from the handout to the development of the poor person’s own potential talents and ability to work and maintain their dignity. They can go on to make positive changes in their neighborhood because they live there and have a personal stake in the outcome. Lupton speaks with the authority of someone who lives in the same neighborhood with the people he works with, and he listens carefully to their candid advice. This book will definitely influence my future volunteering and charitable donations of time and money for projects that I perceive are not toxic. I learned much from this book!


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