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By Lydia Dunn, Assistant Recess Leader Kid’s Club

Over the course of the past three years working with SON Ministries, many “truths” about children and people have been solidified through different interactions. Namely, all people want to be loved. All people want to be accepted. All people want to feel happy.

Recently, another “truth” was set in stone before my eyes and heart. All people want to feel needed. All people want to have a purpose.

Sometimes children struggle when they first arrive to Kid’s Club as it has been a long day at school, work, etc., and they want the comfort of their family. A young boy was struggling in particular. I was blessed to watch him gradually open up and become more comfortable, walking in the doors with a smile instead of tears. However, he still was not acting fully “present” and I was determined to figure out what would make him grin from ear to ear.

Through some experimentation, I discovered that the young boy needed a task. He wanted to help pass out the hand sanitizer in preparation for snack. Later, when he saw the need to clean-up from snack, he jumped at the opportunity. This boy needed to feel needed. Like all of us, he desperately wants to make a positive impact on others around him.

I made a little acronym for the word “purpose”:blog








What do I mean by this? Simply, having a purpose means that you understand how incredibly important what you are doing is to a larger picture.

To countless incredible volunteers at all of the programs of SON Ministries, I am here to tell you that you are needed! We love you and hope that you are filled with a purpose when you walk through our doors.

To our parents and children, you too are needed! We learn as much from you as we are teaching (sometimes we learn even more)!

I am continually blessed by how each individual (staff, volunteer, parent, or child) comes together to make SON Ministries a place of love and fulfillment.

handsAt SON Ministries we see every person created in God’s own image: each has a PURPOSE and a VOICE.