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Good Tidings Christmas Store 2015

The 2015 Good Tidings Christmas Store at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship Church in partnership with Serving Our Neighbors Ministries was an overwhelming success in thanks to all of those who volunteered their time, talents and treasure. Over 1,500 toys were collected for the 252 families who shopped at the store. Volunteers included 148 adults and 41 youth who worked in all areas of the store including shopping, wrapping, fellowship and child watch.

We would like to thank our lead partner, BMW Financial Services and every community member that donated gifts, their time or monetarily to The Good Tidings Christmas Store.

For more information on the Good Tidings Christmas Store, see our previous blog post by Pam Vallette!

By the Numbers….

252 Families shopped at the store

765 Children were shopped for

41 Youth Volunteered their time

148 Adults Volunteered their time

Over 1,500 toys were donated