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Will you forget me?

Marco Solis

Teen Intern

Marcos BlogI came on the last week of camp at HCC, I was ready to take out the trash with some other teens, as I walked outside a kid was sitting at one of the tables. I wanted to go see who he was, so I asked if my peers could take it out while I finished lunch with the kid. He was shy at first, but I kept talking to him and tried to know him. After a while he started to talk to me more than others. On Cypress Church was giving out shoes. Since I helped out with Taco Bell Jr., they gave me a pass to get shoes, I saw the child at the end of the line, confused. I asked him if he knew what was going on, he said “no”. I gave him my slip since he didn’t have time to fill one out. It took us around 30 mins but in those 30 mins I learned he likes the color blue.

On Thursday morning, he had to eat the late lunch because he was late to camp, while he was eating Trail Mix he saw it had Sunflower seeds inside so we decided to plat some just for fun and giggles. We were the only ones outside with two green shirts, as he finished eating we went inside, we had Raising Canes and watched a movie in the gym. All my friends were in a little group, I didn’t really care because we were telling jokes and not paying attention to the movie at all. Right after the movie it was close to the end of the day. I was getting a feeling in my chest, the same feeling right before you cry, the feeling that kind of hurts your chest a bit. I don’t know why I was feeling like this, maybe because he was the only friend that could make me feel like a child again, maybe the only kid that that could tell me the same jokes and it would still be funny after the 30th time. I knew sooner or later Friday would come along, we played soccer for a while.

He really loves Legos so we decided to build a house, we didn’t get very far, since it was the end of the day. Everybody had left the only people left were a couple of teens and adults. His mom came in the doors, we did our hand shake. I smiled so hard until…his mom told me they might move back to japan, my chest got the same feeling yet worse, my smile went away so fast I didn’t even notice. I bent down on my knees and asked him, “Will you forget me?” he smiled and said, “I won’t, because you signed your name on my shirt” I smiled and said, “Thank you”. We did our hand shake probably for the last time. As he left, the pain got worse and worse. Mr. Gage hugged me and asked if I wanted to ask for their email, I didn’t reply…all I could do at that point was cry, uncontrollably. I have never ridden my bike so slowly back home, as I walked into my room I told myself “my only regret is not asking for his mom’s email, and not giving him my hat”, he really did like my hat it was Batman, he really likes Batman like me. I’d like to thank SON Ministries for making this summer the best it could be.

At SON Ministries, people are our priority-RELATIONSHIPS are our goal!