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By Lydia Dunn

Site Leader, Hilliard Church of Christ

Hilliard Free Lunch Summer Camp for Kids 2016

20160622_124528Week one of camp just ended and I am beyond words.

Day One:  This is my first year leading a lunch site and I could not have been more excited for camp to begin.  It also comes with its fair share of nerves.  However, as I approached the doors less than an hour before the arrival of the 50+ pre-registered children, a mom accompanies me to register her daughter that has attended camp at least the three summers I have worked for SON Ministries. Handling the family with excitement – and thankfulness for their attendance –  I began to prepare the site for camp.

After they were finished with their paperwork, the mom pulled me aside and said, “This camp is a lifesaver for my family. I can go to work and know that [she] is well cared for and having fun.” I thanked her immensely.  The mother had no idea how encouraging her words were.

Less than twenty minutes later, 93 children showed up to receive a nutritious lunch and build positive friendships.

Do we realize the impact we have? That SON Ministries and this program has?   Take out the numbers, take out the registration papers, this family said we are LIFE-savers. As the summer continues, I pray that SON Ministries continues to extend Jesus’ love by not only being lifesavers, but also life-GIVERS to the families in our communities.

Day Three: Over 100 children attended three of our lunch sites this week on at least one day. How incredibly fortunate are we to be serving this community full of LIFE.

At SON Ministries, we bring HOPE to children and families facing poverty, by connecting them to people, resources and a HAND UP.

“Leaders…Four years in the COOKING!”

By Lydia Dunn

Site Leader, Hilliard Church of Christ

Hilliard Free Lunch Summer Camp for Kids 2016



As Taco Bell Jr. approaches it’s opening day for the FOURTH summer, the children and our team are anxiously making preparations. They are also interested in the NEW goal for this summer of two other lunch sites opening their very own restaurant.   Two of the children with experience with Taco Bell Jr.  from past summers approached me and asked me many questions about the other two lunch sites. What will THEIR food be? Who will go to their restaurant? Do they know what they are doing? Could we help them?


These two children have been a part of Taco Bell Jr. since its first opening in 2012. As I listened to their questions, I realized that these two children were asking permission to take their leadership to a whole new level. Both acted as managers for at least one year of the restaurant, but wanted to take their experience “abroad” to the other two sites to help those children! “Could we go to the other camps and explain to the children what it takes? Help them figure some things out. “We have done this and we would like to help them,” said the children. Obviously, we said “YES!”


A children’s vision from five years ago to start  a restaurant has transformed these children into leaders:  they see needs in others and seek to meet these needs.


At Taco Bell Jr., we not only cook taco meat, but we also prepare LEADERS.

Angie's Blog_1Taco Bell Jr. 2015 #2.png

At SON Ministries, we nurture DREAMS to alleviate poverty.  And… we are inspired by the unexpected!

What Children in Hilliard Say About Hunger

773637_1069793756376713_488058822035967447_o.jpg1 in 4 children in the Hilliard School District are living in poverty. We asked children in the free summer lunch program what they wanted grown ups to know about childhood hunger.

Here are just a few of the children’s responses:

How many meals a day do you eat?

2 on the weekends

No lunch when mom is gone

Have you ever had a day when you were hungry, but there was little or no food to eat?


Yes, a lot

No food for 2 weeks, just cheese puffs

Mom didn’t have a paycheck for 2 weeks

Yes because dad gets paid on Thursday, so we have to wait till then to buy food

Yesterday, Grandma said no to food

Nothing to eat

How does it make you feel if there is not a lot of food around the house to eat?

Angry, sad, empty, bad, depressed, mad, hungry, go to McDonald’s, worried about mom and sister, doesn’t really affect you, when there’s no food, you don’t get as hungry, not an issue for some, bad because sometimes there’s nothing I want, McDonald’s does not fill you up.

How does it make your body feel when you don’t have enough food in your stomach?

Empty, it hurts your stomach, can’t study, makes you hyper, your tummy growls and hurts, you get grumpy, you get headaches, a little sick, nauseated, could eat a table, miserable, starved, no energy, lazy, sleepy, tired and belly growls and belly really hurts.

Lunch-web1If you were standing in front of a group of people that wanted to know what it’s like to be hungry, what would you tell them?

People that are hungry feel sad and empty.

Please donate food.

I am going to think about that (the question), and tell my mom about the food pantry.

Grumpy, headaches, stomach hurts, dizzy, tired, cramps, don’t feel like doing anything, empty, sick.

Your stomach hurts and grumbles and then you feel “eek” then you tell your mom you’re hungry.

My stomach hurts and it feels like you’re sick, but you’re just hungry and grumpy.  Sometimes I feel when my brothers are babysitting me, they don’t want me to get something to eat.

My favorite subject is lunch

I’m starved and it makes me feel sad

Frustrating, tired, feel there’s nothing in stomach

Mad, ignore the topic/idea

“Two weeks this summer I had no food to eat.  I am thankful for the lunch program.”

“I’m so glad I come here because at home I always get really bad headaches because I don’t have food to eat, and now I don’t get many headaches.”

To make a donation to help feed hunger children in Hilliard THIS SUMMER, CLICK HERE.