Why Your Snack Donation Matters

What if I told you that a snack could change a child’s life?

IMG_1023My name is Emma Gill and I am going on my 3rd year working at the Family ESL Program. Over the years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to spend time with the children who come to our program. Their smiling faces and positive energy never fail to brighten up my day. This year is my first year working in Kid’s Club, which is for children ages Kindergarten through the 8th grade. Kid’s Club is a positive, fun, and encouraging atmosphere.

At Kid’s Club, we seek to give our children all of the tools they need to thrive. Some of these tools include academic support, fun crafts to get their creative juices flowing, group games, and a snack. Although a snack might not seem all that important, a hunger survey given to our children revealed that many children show up to our program hungry. This being the case, we make it a goal at SON Ministries to feed our children a filling meal that leaves them feeling nourished and cared for. Because SON Ministries is a non-profit, we rely fully on the community to be our snack angels. I have been so touched by the generosity of individuals in the Hilliard community and beyond who have kindly donated sandwiches, milk, fruit, and so many other foods to our program. I am especially grateful to restaurants like Chick Fil A, which has donated literally hundreds of chicken sandwiches to our program over the past few months. It is an amazing feeling to know that our program and the community are working together to feed hundreds of hungry bellies every night at our program.

Sadly, we have nights where we do not have any snack angels. On these nights, we have to give the children peanut butter crackers and other non-perishable items to eat. While the children are grateful for this food too, it is not the kind of dinner you probably make for yourself in your home. That is why we need you to be a snack angel!

If you have ever wondered how you can make a difference in the world, this is it! Imagine how loved and cared for you would feel if every time you came to Kid’s Club you left feeling happy and healthy. For many of our children, a snack shows them that they are important and valued. The feeling of value leads to empowerment and empowerment fosters confidence. Confidence becomes ambition and ambition leads to determination. With determination, I believe that any child can accomplish their goals and change the world. So you see a snack is not just a snack, it is a way to change a child’s life for the better.

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