Three Days at Camp

Jan Reichert

Teen Intern

As a Teen Intern, the Serving Our Neighbors (SON) Ministries’ Hilliard Free Lunch Summer Camp for Kids has been a great experience for me as it has been an opportunity to not only get the volunteer hours needed for National Honors Society, but also to do what I love – working with children. I’m writing about the past three days (July 12 to July 14) as to me they have been the most eventful days of camp.

blog 2On July 12, the Hilliard Fire Department was kind enough to drive one of their emergency vehicles to the church and show the children everything inside. I thought this was an amazing experience for the children as they got to see what it is really like to be a firefighter, which some of the campers want to grow up and be. It was also a very fun day since they turned on the hose and let everyone run through the water. On Thursday, I got to see how “Taco Bell Jr.” desserts were made for the first time. It was a very fun experience to watch the kids work as a team to create the Oreo balls for their restaurant. It definitely helped them learn to work not only with each other but independently as well.

blog.jpgLastly on Friday, I was able to see one of the campers become an entrepreneur! She had decided to make and sell her own “slime” – an awesome idea. She let the younger kids play with it before buying it which was very generous of her. It was very cool to see someone so young decide to start their own business. Free play during the course of camp was also a favorite of mine, as all the kids are so creative in how they play games, and their drawings too. Anna decided to draw my name for me on a piece of paper – which I brought home and plan to keep. This camp was an amazing experience as I got to meet a lot of new people and spend time with kind and caring kids.

At SON Ministries, people our our priority-RELATIONSHIPS are our goal!

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