Never Feel Alone…

Jay Patel

Teen Intern

Resized_20170629_121633This summer I was new. This is my second year running in United States. I heard about this summer camp in Hilliard Davidson Morning summer news when school was closed in 15 days. That time I decide I want to do some fun and productive things. I filled out my application form and took interviewed with SON Ministries. Then I was good to go.

I was really nervous on first day of camp. Nobody knew me . But as time gone everybody knows me. I like to come in this camp. I am bored at home when camp is not on specific day. I ride bus with children to the camp I  meet the children in the bus and I got to know and build relationships with the children. Not only with bus riders from other children also I got to know them even though they are not come in my bus. I love to play with Kindergarten and 1st grade children. I do crafts and participate in every games and being a role model for them. Green shirts and Orange shirts are really nice and help me when I am in problem. Especially when I have trouble in speaking and understanding.

I love to drink chocolate milk , eat fruits and salads everyday. I love to play new games  like nine square and many other board games which I never played before. I was alone to come to this camp for 1 week. I encouraged my two brothers to joined this camp. They also like this  camp. one of my brother is blue shirt and one he just complete Kindergarten. This my little brother tells my family everyday what we are doing at this camp. He enjoying this camp every much. I got a chance to make a poster for Restaurant . It made me famous at whole camp. I alone made that poster at home. All was happy to see my poster. Mr. Art took some pictures and stick that poster in front door.  I was so happy that all like my poster.

On July 7,2017 I met a lady who work at Washington D.C. in White House with their team. It was my best thing ever I did in summer camp. She told her story to all of us. She is working in legislature and she visited 20 countries including my country India . She went to India for 1 week 15 days ago. She told her story about she just visited India  recently. It was a fabulous experience. (Editors Note: Congresswoman Joyce Beatty visited)

Another thing I had a chance to do lead an activity named Musical chair in brackets with little kids. For me it was hard kids wanted to do their stuff but after some time they contributed in my activity for 20 minutes . Altogether 3 orange shirts handle that activity. With that two volunteers I leaded my activity,  thanks a lot. I didn’t have that much to say but thank you SON Ministries for giving me an opportunity for volunteering. I am so happy to come at your camp and got to know many people from different cultures, countries , religions etc. I never see such a diverse place. Thanks also to staff that helped me and never feel me being alone.

At SON Ministries, we build up COMMUNITY one respectful, empowering relationship at a time.

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