Gaining Confidence

By Brittany White

Assistant Site Leader

Horizon Elementary School/ Hilliard Church of Christ

On the very first day of the Hilliard Free Lunch Summer Camp for Kids this year, I walked into the lunch room at Hilliard Church of Christ. A little boy that I had known from the previous summer and from the Family ESL Program during the school year was already sitting at the table with his lunch, and when he saw me he burst into a huge smile, yelled, “Miss Brittany!”, and ran up to give me a hug. It made my day, and it gave me a lot of hope for a great summer!

Horize 'n ShineOn one of our restaurant days at Horizon there was a young, enthusiastic third grade boy who was working as a server. After many nerves and questions to the “green shirts” (staff members) about what to say to his customers, he served his first table with great success. Being very proud of himself and exhilarated by the experience, he shared his excitement with me about how it went. By the end of the day he was talking about owning his own restaurant when he was older and referencing the talk that a guest speaker (Charley Shin of Charleys and Bibibop) had given the other day about owning a restaurant. This boy was inspired by working at HoRIZE ‘n Shine Café and gained confidence after working as a server.

SON Ministries: bringing HOPE to children and families facing suburban poverty

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