Teenagers are Playing with Kids?!

TeenagersAssistant Site Leader – Hilliard Free Lunch Summer Camp for Kids

Horizon / Resurrection Lutheran Church

Seeing the older boys, who normally cause problem, care for younger boys was really high impact. A kindergarten boy became frustrated that he couldn’t shoot a basket and one of the 8th grade boys pulled him out of line and taught him how to shoot a basketball. After that, the older boy took him back into line and encouraged him as he played a game of knock-out.

A child at Horizon consistently refused to participate. He told me that he just wanted to be alone and to not be around people. This was all summer! There were a few times that he would ran laps around the playground and he eventually let me join him. On the last day, he started out pretty solemn as usual, but then was approached by a teen who played with him the rest of the day! I had actually never seen him as happy as he was on that day.

The first day a 4th grade girl was at camp, I took her to the gaga pit and she started looking around really confused. She said, “there are teens here?” I replied that yes, there were. Then she said, “and they are PLAYING with kids?!” I responded that the teens loved playing with the kids and Amanda stood there shocked. “Wow, usually teenagers don’t pay attention to little kids,” she said and then ran over to one and started to play.

During the first week of camp, a 3rd grade girl came to camp with a pain in her side. She explained that she had gotten hurt and sat on the outskirts of camp all day because it hurt to bad to play. During that day I spend a lot of time with her and she told me about her family situation. She explained that she lived with her grandma, her brother got taken away from them so she would never see him again, and she had never met her dad. During that conversation I got to talk to her about how she might not know her earthly father, her Heavenly Father was always with and loves her more than she could imagine. She continued to talk about God and His love for her.

SON Ministries: bringing HOPE to children and families facing suburban poverty

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