A Simple Thank You…

The following note was sent to our Executive Director, Kim Emch, from a parent of the Hilliard Free Lunch Summer Camp for Kids. It was transposed and shared with permission. 

Ms Kim,

A simple “thank you” doesn’t see to be enough. The “sons ministry” has given my family Flowersso much this summer. After almost 2 years my husband and I have finally found full-time work (after being laid-off after 12 years with a company). As we become financially stable again, extra activities such as camp for 2 children is NOT in the budget. Not only did your program give them healthy meals every day but they openly and lovingly received great experience, fun activities, character building tasks, great memories, new friendships, shoes, school supplies, encouragement and a multitude of limitless kindness that reminds us of the precious love only those who know God can give. More than that, I cannot thank you enough for all that your ministry gave to my family…fulfilling many of our needs and leaving us with our dignity. We didn’t have to be ashamed because you guys humbly, kindly, warmly welcomed us daily. We are so grateful and appreciative. Please accept these flowers as a reflection of the beauty we see in you. Thank you. (Name Withheld)

SON Ministries: bringing HOPE to families facing suburban poverty.

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