America’s Best Cookout

By Emma Kruse

Assistant Site Leader

Resurrection Evangelical Lutheran Church Site

ABCThis week was an exciting one, as we had our very first children’s entrepreneurial restaurant! The campers spearhead all of this incredible project. Last week they voted on the name:  “America’s Best Cookout” and voted on a menu that is inspired by backyard BBQs. With help of volunteers, donations, and even some visiting Chefs from Cameron Mitchell Restaurants to help the children in the kitchen,  the restaurant opened for business for the first time on Thursday, June 30.  The kids assigned roles for each other, including kitchen staff, bus boys, hosts, and decorators.

It is so incredible to see how each child felt like they were an important piece to the restaurant and how they all really worked hard to have the restaurant succeed. The kids voted on a delicious menu with BBQ chicken, macaroni, green beans, taco salad and a dessert bar!!!

24 guests were served and to God be the glory!

America’s Best Cookout Restaurant will continue to operate every Thursday in the sunny and spacious lobby of the church.  (Thank you RELC friends!).

Please join us!  You won’t be disappointed!

At SON Ministries, through partnerships (like Cameron Mitchell!) we strive together for the best for our community!

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