“Leaders…Four years in the COOKING!”

By Lydia Dunn

Site Leader, Hilliard Church of Christ

Hilliard Free Lunch Summer Camp for Kids 2016



As Taco Bell Jr. approaches it’s opening day for the FOURTH summer, the children and our team are anxiously making preparations. They are also interested in the NEW goal for this summer of two other lunch sites opening their very own restaurant.   Two of the children with experience with Taco Bell Jr.  from past summers approached me and asked me many questions about the other two lunch sites. What will THEIR food be? Who will go to their restaurant? Do they know what they are doing? Could we help them?


These two children have been a part of Taco Bell Jr. since its first opening in 2012. As I listened to their questions, I realized that these two children were asking permission to take their leadership to a whole new level. Both acted as managers for at least one year of the restaurant, but wanted to take their experience “abroad” to the other two sites to help those children! “Could we go to the other camps and explain to the children what it takes? Help them figure some things out. “We have done this and we would like to help them,” said the children. Obviously, we said “YES!”


A children’s vision from five years ago to start  a restaurant has transformed these children into leaders:  they see needs in others and seek to meet these needs.


At Taco Bell Jr., we not only cook taco meat, but we also prepare LEADERS.

Angie's Blog_1Taco Bell Jr. 2015 #2.png

At SON Ministries, we nurture DREAMS to alleviate poverty.  And… we are inspired by the unexpected!

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