Spring has Sprung!

By: Kara Williams

OSU Social Work Intern 2015/2016

IMG_2021   Spring has sprung here at Serving our Neighbors Ministries and our Kids Club program is rearing up with fun and exciting springtime activities! This week we are making binoculars out of toilet paper rolls collected from friends within the community through means of Facebook, partnerships and volunteers. Everything SON Ministries does is a continuous community effort year round, including collecting recyclables for our Kids Club crafts!

While making the binocular craft, we talked about interesting things we can see with them this spring, such as flowers blooming and bugs! We also learned that they could help us to see new friends around us at Kids Club. This craft was a hit! The kids loved decorating them and making them their own. We even tied strings around them so they can carry them with them wherever they go.

After making the craft, we witnessed kids walking around making new friends, looking through their binoculars at one another.

Here at SON Ministries we do more than offer activities for children. We teach valuable life skills and foster an environment for personal growth. We teach how to respect others and appreciate diversity among friends. Kids Club is a very unique program to attend, and offers enrichment for every one alike–kids, volunteers and staff.

We build up COMMUNITY one respectful, empowering relationship at a time. 


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