Mom’s Night Out

Nykell Flowers

OSU Social Work Intern

Kids Club photos 012

A few weeks ago at Kids Club there was a bit of bad weather that led to a lot of kids not coming out to the program that evening. Although it’s unfortunate that the kids couldn’t make it, it allowed the opportunity to be able to communicate with the adults in the ESL class. During the adults hospitality break I walked around and began conversing with them. I specifically remember my conversation with a lady from India. She told me that it was her second day at Serving Our Neighbors ( SON) Ministries and she really enjoyed the program so far. I asked her what was the hardest part about learning English. She told me that she had a lot of trouble with grammar and holding a proper conversation. I reassured her that grammar is a difficult thing to learn. Jokingly, I told her that I’ve lived in America my whole life and I still struggled with grammar which made her laugh. I began asking her questions more about her home and family life. She told me she has two children and that she’s married. She also went on to tell me that she’s not okay with just being a wife and a mother and that she would like to socialize and do more outside of the house. The only time she goes anywhere is taking the kids to and from school, events at her children’s school and to The Family ESL Program. She said she never gets to do anything or see her friends. The only way she communicates with them is through email. I encouraged her to try to make friends in her classes. I told her she could make plans with the ladies she meets here outside of the classroom. It never occurred to me that this is probably the only time that the women get out of the house socializing each week. This made me excited to finish planning the upcoming “International Fair” because I know this will give the women an opportunity to socialize and learn more about each other.

Here at SON Ministries “ PEOPLE are our priority– RELATIONSHIPS are our goal.”

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