We make learning FUN!

Here at Serving Our Neighbors (SON) Ministries we consider it our mission to advocate on behalf of the children and families attending our programs. Through the Kids Club program, we are able to impact the children God brings us in a variety of different ways. Not only do we offer a safe environment for free play, structured team building activities, and academic support, we also regularly invite guests to our program offering the children yet one more avenue for enrichment.

Last week, we were blessed to have children from Scioto Darby Elementary School come to our program and teach us all how to juggle! The Scioto Darby students wonderfully engaged and interacted with the children during the hour they were with us. The children LOVED learning from peers their own age. It was obvious to see how empowered the guests felt by sharing their talent, and the Kids Club children had the opportunity to learn something new. This is what we are all about here: empowering, fostering hope, and having FUN! This is what truly sets SON Ministries apart.

AT SON Ministries, we nurture DREAMS to alleviate poverty.



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