A Morning in Poverty

Poverty Simulation 21

Nykell Flowers

OSU Social Work Intern

This morning I had the pleasure of experiencing ” A Morning in Poverty.” I was able to experience this in a different way because SON Ministries facilitated a Poverty Simulation in Grove City for their school district. I have experienced poverty before but it was breath-taking to observe groups of people from all walks of life trying to figure out solutions to their unfortunate circumstances. Each family was given scenarios and little to no resources to make ends meet. People were really creative in their problem solving. I think it really made people get out of their comfort zone. Also, I think a lot of time people can’t get through poverty because they panic once it happens, especially people that experience situational poverty. This Poverty Simulation gave people the opportunity to have the skills to be able to get through poverty situations and more importantly lightening up their hearts when dealing with people in poverty.

At Son Ministries, we nurture dreams to alleviate poverty.

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