Bracelet Connections

Kara Williams

OSU Social Work Intern

2015/16 Academic Year


This week at Kids Club I organized an activity at the craft table for the children to make bracelets. I prepared individual bags full of colorful beads along with thread for them to string them in their own unique way. The doors to the Quiet Zone opened, and boys and girls alike raced over to claim their seat around the table, anxious to begin their creation.

I found myself smiling the entire evening watching them share beads and ideas with one another (good collaboration!), and calling me over to show me their newest prized possession. When it was time to clean up around the craft table, I heard some of the children saying, “make sure we save all the extra beads so we can do this again next time!” I was thrilled by their enthusiasm – and their responsible care of resources (a SON Ministries value we teach)!

Seeing the children’s reaction to this activity truly motivates me to bring more new and exciting activities to Kids Club, knowing the value placed on my investment in them – and the time we are blessed to have with them!

At SON Ministries, we nurture DREAMS to alleviate poverty. 

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