Being the Difference

Being the Difference

By: Kara Williams

SON Ministries

OSU Social Work Intern


The ESOL/Kids Club program is now finding its rhythm, and we adult leaders are beginning to see which faces will be with us every week verses the families that come more sporadically. Although on an average night, there are a large number of children to oversee, I have made it my personal goal to connect with as many as I can in a greater way than just ensuring their safety. I have made it a priority to pay great attention to the little things, such as learning the children’s names and asking about their school days. Thus far, I have come to realize how large an impact these small efforts have on them. Looking into a child’s eyes and smiling with excitement as they talk about what is being taught in their classroom brings them great joy. Showing interest in their favorite activities, and initiating to participate with them transfers feelings of acceptance and importance to them. Calling them by name shows them that they are worth knowing individually.

Ultimately, knowing I have the ability to make this kind of difference by simply showing up and being real to them, motivates my heart to serve them greater. I have found myself anticipating the hugs from these children I have the pleasure of knowing, each week. I know this program is making a difference when the children arrive and I see their faces light up to see me there again, just as they expected. Being a consistent friend to them is the most effective way of sharing God’s love with them, and I am honored to be a part of His call, serving with this team.

We see each person CREATED in God’s own image: each has a purpose and a voice.

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