Who is Blessing Whom?

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By Angie Staten
Taco Bell Jr. Lead Kitchen Volunteer
Hilliard Free Lunch Summer Camp for Kids

What a blessing and a privilege to be able to work with the kids at the Hilliard Church of Christ lunch site in the summers.   Children at this site have been prepping, cooking and serving truly authentic Mexican food for the past four years at THEIR restaurant:   “Taco Bell Jr”.  It is incredible that children as young as 7 years old are learning how to make salsa, guacamole and fajitas. The kids have become such little experts that adults just need to oversee them.  Each week the children run in to the kitchen upon arriving and ask, “Can I be the window manager?”, “Can I make the fajitas?”  Seeing middle and high school boys laughing and having fun while making “their secret watermelon juice” warms my heart each week.  The waiters and waitresses are incredible – only 8-13 years old!   Each Friday during restaurant hours they take care of the customers with such sincerity. They want their customers to be happy and enjoy their food. They often ask to talk in between orders about how to improve their service.  When I first started with the Hilliard Free Lunch Summer Program I thought I was the one that was going to be blessing many children.  But…  over the years I have seen it’s the children that are blessing ME.  I thank God for this great experience!

At SON Ministries, we build up community, one respect-filled relationship at a time.

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