What Doesn’t Come Easy


By Jeremy Raines

Administrative Assistant of Programs

A life of servitude is something that doesn’t come easy. It’s something that demands thought of the “other” before the “self”; it’s ultimately selfless, unconditional. And because of this, such a lifestyle requires hope, a hope that a life of service will echo and plant more seeds of the servant’s heart.

My last few weeks on Central Staff at SON Ministries have forced me to look beyond myself. For some time I’ve looked at the world as though the odds were always stacked up against me, that my actions, especially those of service, ended once an interaction came to a close. This outlook couldn’t be anymore wrong. I’ve seen it in the eyes of the Teen Interns and volunteers; when one helps another they create a ripple effect. This isn’t by any means a losing battle. I’ve seen the respect the kids at camp have for the volunteers first hand, and it’s something truly special. And such treatment isn’t one sided, it’s mutual; after all, a great number of the Teen Interns had once filled the same shoes as the kids at camp.

Yet such respect doesn’t come easy. It’s a matter of discipline for anyone of any age to understand the significance of servitude. Some people live out their years only scratching at the surface of it, while others may never bother to look beyond their own interests. Yet those who begin to unveil what it means to take ownership of the servant’s heart will fill the shoes required to make transformative differences in their communities.

This is what’s important: it doesn’t matter whether or not the child shares my belief in Jesus Christ, but rather they recognize the need for (and rewards of!) servant leadership. They may not call it that, they may never have heard that term before, yet it’s something they’re seeing and experiencing everyday. And because of this, I believe that SON Ministries’ summer camp is much more than just a venue for food and fun, it’s an opportunity for transformation through relationships.

At SON Ministries people are our priority- relationships are our goal.

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