Spreading the Love


By: Brittany White

Assistant Site Leader- Horizon & Hilliard Church of Christ

As the summer goes on, I’m continually amazed by the kids at Horizon and HCC and all that they bring to the program (and all that they’re gaining from it). I’ve watched a few kids who were very shy and quiet when they first came to camp now coming out of their shells and greeting me enthusiastically, interacting more with others, and getting excited about the crafts and games we do at camp. I now see so many smiles on faces that were timidly glancing around the room before, and I’m filled with joy that we are providing so much more for these kids than just a lunch every day. The kids in all age groups are partaking in arts and crafts, face painting, live action Mario Kart (my personal favorite), dodge ball, and learning from our weekly guests, like the nurses and the librarian.

I’ve brought my guitar to camp a few times and I’m inspired by how much some of the kids love not only to listen to me play, but how interested they are in taking a turn and learning to play as well. The children are all extremely motivated and are eager to express themselves and show others what they have to offer. And because of this I am so excited to come to camp every day to see what they will surprise me with next!


At SON Ministries, we build up COMMUNITY one respect-filled, empowering relationship at a time. 

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