Summer Blog #1: Splashing Into the Summer

Splashing Into the Summer #2Splashing Into the Summer #1

By Brittany White

Horizon Assistant Site Leader- Hilliard Church of Christ

This past week marked my first week working as an assistant site leader at the Hilliard Free Lunch summer camp program- and it was truly remarkable. After a week and a half of training and preparing for the camp I was eager for the kids to arrive and start having fun. This week the staff and volunteers welcomed hundreds of energetic, creative, and amazing children to join us this summer! Instant connections were made over free play, arts and crafts, music, dodge ball games, and everyone’s favorite: water day. In just three days I experienced so much joy out of seeing the kids’ skills and interests- some are true artists, singing German arias on the spot, some are true athletes throwing half court shots, and all of them are some of the most kind hearted, helpful, and cheerful kids I have known. I cannot wait to see how the rest of the summer unfolds and brings many more opportunities for the kids to use their skills and talents to create and build relationships.

At SON Ministries we see the divine in each person; each has a purpose and a voice!

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