The Real Superheros

By Lauren Cupito
Recess Leader – Kids Club

Tuesdays and Thursdays have come to be the highlight of my week. I get the chance to take time out of my busy schedule to hang out with some of the most energetic and friendly children.

This past week the children chose Super Heroes as their theme day. While I was personally thrilled to be able to wear a superhero cape to work, it was even more wonderful watching the night unfold once the children began to arrive.

superherosOne thing I’ve been working on as a new Recess Leader is connecting better with children who don’t immediately interact with me. There had been a couple of boys in kindergarten whom I hadn’t been able to bond with yet but… to my delight these boys decided to participate in theme night. As I walked over to them in my own “Super Buckeye” cape they smiled and proudly showed me what they were wearing. One particularly shy boy was sporting a teenage mutant ninja turtle sweatshirt complete with a shell hoodie and couldn’t resist beaming when I sat down and told him I loved it. This kindergartner just started coming to Kids Club a few weeks ago and is normally very quiet. But that night, something was different. He radiated confidence as he ran around showing off his sweatshirt. At the end of the night he couldn’t stop talking and was begging me to be the goose for duck-duck-goose, telling me, “I’m the fastest runner!” I couldn’t stop laughing.

By the end of the night I realized just how ironic the theme night was. The children might have been in costume, but their masks came off. They could forget any insecurities and simply enjoy the night. They didn’t have to cover anything up.

Every child at Kids Club has a unique story, which ends up being his or her greatest strength. Each night they treat each other with respect even though they all come from different parts of the world. The best part is that they don’t even think twice about it! We can all learn from them. They leave their worries behind because other children aren’t bothered by the fact that they’re “different” or don’t speak English very well. That’s something you can’t teach, they figure it out on their own.

And for this, THEY are OUR superheroes.

At SON Ministries, we see the DIVINE in each person, each has a purpose and a VOICE.

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