Saying Farewell to Autumn at Kids Club

By: Eman Albash
Ohio State Social Work Intern with SON Ministries
Academic Year 2014/15

Children enjoy boo-nana pops at snack time

It’s that exciting holiday time of year again. With the memory of Thanksgiving weekend still fresh in our minds and with Christmas right around the bend, we thought it would be fun to usher out the fall at Kids Club with a Fall Festival.

The night featured three fall-related games: Pin the Beak on the Turkey, a Mummy Wrap competition, and Steal the Bacon (the bacon being, in this case, a little round, stuffed witch). The crowd favorite seemed to be tied between Steal the Witch and the Mummy Wrap competition— every kid from ages 5 to 12 loved getting the chance to wrap up their friends in toilet paper!

We also incorporated the theme of fall into other activities we do each night, like arts and crafts and snack time. The faithful adult volunteer at the creativity table, Ms. Kim, helped the children make turkeys and black cats using paper plates. During snack time we offered the children a new treat: boo-nana pops. For those of you who don’t know, boo-nana pops are frozen bananas cut into fourths with chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth. When complete they look like ghosts, and they are both delicious and healthy. The children loved the extra snack and I saw children who typically don’t eat a snack at Kids Club ask for seconds.

The night was a lot of fun overall and couldn’t have happened without the combined efforts of many people. Upper Arlington Lutheran Church gave us special permission to use their kitchen to make and store the boo-nana pops. The volunteer in charge of the arts and crafts rearranged her schedule so she could come in on Thursday rather than her typical Tuesday. And our many volunteers were a huge help as usual, keeping the games and activities running smoothly.

And that's a wrap!
And that’s a wrap!

It seems that we gave tribute to fall just in time, too, as December is upon us. It looks like we might have to start getting to work on a winter festival…   Join us?

At SON Ministries, through PARTNERSHIPS, we strive together for the BEST for our community.

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