First Impressions

By: Eman AlbashEman SW OSU Intern

Ohio State Social Work Intern with SON Ministries

Academic Year 2014/15

Fall is in the air, and here at SON Ministries that means that the Kids Club is back in session! In September we welcomed 279 children from age 3 months to 7th grade to Kids Club.  Kids Club is an evening afterschool program provided by SON that provides games, homework assistance, and sports.   82.5 percent of the children enrolled in this program receive free or reduced lunch at school, which means they are facing poverty by the federal government’s standards.

I would describe the first nights of Kids Club as joyful chaos. I don’t think I have ever been around people from so many different parts of the world all at once!!!!     There was a sense of excitement as new families joined us for the first time and returning families from last year reunited with us and with one another.

We’re currently are wrapping up week seven of Kids Club and the experience is becoming more streamlined. This does not mean the excitement has faded— on the contrary, each night brings us unexpected joys. It touches me to see how the children look out for one another and manage to form friendships in spite of language and culture differences. Everyone, from the children to the Teen Volunteers and Interns, has different stories and I’m looking forward to see how we all learn from each other.

I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful experience this year.

At SON Ministries, we see the DIVINE in each person; each has a purpose and a voice. 

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