Reunited and It Feels So Good

By Claire Scott

Ohio State Social Work Intern with SON Ministries

Academic year 2014/15

Several evenings ago at Kids Club, two sisters shared their eager anticipation with me. Through smiles and giggles, they excitedly told me that their father was FINALLY going to be reunited with their family, and they CAN’T WAIT!!

FeelingSONY DSC unsafe in their home, several years ago this family chose to flee from Iraq. They sought refuge in Egypt for several years and then eventually moved to the United States as refugees. Unfortunately, their entire family was unable to make the journey. With fear and sadness, these children and their mother left Egypt without their father and husband. They had no idea when they would be reunited.

About a week ago, they received a box in the mail with all of their father’s clothing. They enthusiastically tore open the box and held the clothes close to their faces in order to just smell their father’s scent. Receiving this box meant that it was a reality: their father was FINALLY coming!!!

After months of living in the United States, the day has finally come when this family will be whole once again.

Please partner with me in praying for this family, especially for this father as he adjusts to life in the United States. AND Let’s praise God for his work in reuniting this family!!

At SON Ministries, we bring HOPE to children and families in need by connecting them to people, resources, and a hand up.


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