Kids Club Inspiration

By Claire Scott

Ohio State Social Work Intern with SON Ministries

Academic year 2014/15SONY DSC

This year I have had the opportunity to attend Kids Club on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Although it has entailed several long days and some exhaustion, it has most certainly been the most rewarding experience in my internship with SON so far. I mistakenly thought that I would be serving the children, but in reality the children have served me. I have learned from them what it means to work hard, to persevere, and to live life FULL of hope and joy.

One child in particular has made my Kids Club experience absolutely inspiring. She has just recently moved to the United States as a refugee with her family. Hardly speaking any English, she entered into the Hilliard City School system last year. AlthSONY DSCough she still struggles with English, she has grown immensely! Each evening that she comes to Kids Club she wears a smile and eagerly embraces every activity we do.

Each evening that I have seen her, I have asked her about her day at school. She smiles widely each time and tells me how AWESOME her school day was. She loves every subject in school and especially loves reading. At first I questioned how a second grade child who hardly spoke English could possibly love reading. I’ve come to realize this child’s gratitude and perseverance. School is incredibly difficult for her and yet she finds joy in learning. She embraces challenges and enjoys opportunities to stretch her mind. This is a quality that I am inspired by.

I was humbled this week to realize that I would be learning what it means to appreciate learning from these special children.

At SON Ministries, we are INSPIRED by the UNEXPECTED!
Join us.


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