Amazing Volun-Teens!

By Alison Gessner Rooney

Director of Programs

Serving Our Neighbors (SON) Ministries


 At the Hilliard Free Lunch Summer Camp for Kids 2014 we have a crew of amazing Teen Interns, “Orange Shirts” who help us daily on site with the children. 

The Interns are high energy and LOVE playing with the children. They are a HUGE support to our small but mighty paid staff – “Green Shirts”. The teens have made a FOUR WEEK commitment this summer to SON Ministries and the work we are doing in the community.

Our Teen Interns are busy people – they are musicians, athletes and church and community citizens. Yet, they make the time to be part of this summer program, feeding and enriching the lives of children in need while school is not in session.

Many teens who have come to the program to drop off their younger siblings as campers, we have also invited to be Teen Interns with us – and are now proudly wearing the Orange Shirt, working hard, having fun and giving back to their community.

How empowering for Teens to learn for life that by working together THEY CAN MAKE CHANGE and be part of an effort to build up their community and make it stronger!

We all know that teenagers are the future of this community and we at SON Ministries and the Hilliard Free Lunch Summer Camp for Kids are blessed to partner with so many teens this summer – pouring into them, coaching them, training them and encouraging them to shine their LIGHT brightly.

Teens recently shared with us:

This experience showed me that even small things that I do can make an impact on the community.

I learned that I don’t have it as rough as I think I do.

I am now strongly considering becoming a teacher.

Sometimes you have to make others happy and help others in order to make yourself feel good.

I learned to get along with everyone (different cultures) and be responsible.

I’m more aware of some family situations here in Hilliard and I want to help more.

I am not as quick to judge because I never know what someone is going through.


May God bless and use this experience and the seeds planted in these teens’ lives this summer both now and into the future…


At Serving Our Neighbors (SON) Ministries, through partnerships, we strive together for the very best for our community.

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