Boot Camp

 By Natalie Trubiano

Assistant Site Leader

Hilliard Free Lunch Summer Camp for Kids 


Today at Hilliard Church of Christ, the older children in our program were surprised when they walked into a military boot camp setting – minus the weapons of course!  The kids weren’t aware that one of our adult volunteers, Heath Flowers, is a member of Boot Campthe ROTC at OSU.  So, they were shocked when they saw Mr. Heath in military apparel with a full set of drills waiting for them to do.  It was such a fun and funny experience for these children to push themselves, as well as the other kids beyond their limits.  They were given orders, had to learn basic drills and participated in a few different military-like obstacle courses – including a relay-style race to put on a full set of fatigues, run to the other end of the gym, do ten pushups and ten jumping backs and return to the next person in line!

 All of the older campers were being such good sports and respected Mr. Heath, as he gave them orders.  Even our Assistant Site Leader, Mr. Evan, borrowed and wore a set of fatigues from his uncle! During the entire timespan, the children were again learning respect and the importance of teamwork.  So, it was really exciting to witness all of the kids cheering for one another and making chants out of each other’s’ names.  This was the type of experience that I believe really makes an impact on the children in our program throughout the summer.   

At SON Ministries’ we know our volunteers each have their own passions, knowledge and experience to share – to enrich our program and the lives of the children we serve.   We love to invite them to share their experience and passions with the children.

I look forward to continuing to encourage Mr. Heath to use his military knowledge and creative ideas for future activities for the children in our programs.

At SON Ministries, through PARTNERSHIPS, we strive together for the BEST for our community.


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