Perfect LOVE Casts out Fear

Tiaira S. Turner
OSU Social Work Intern with SON Ministries, 2013/14 Academic Year



I think we all can attest that there is a deep longing in the human heart, and that is to love and be loved. If we think all the way back to the school age days, how anxious we were about being chosen to join in the games at recess, or in middle school- uncertain of who would let us join in their group at the lunch table, and of course in high school- who would invite us to be a part of their “circle” the entire school year. Even as adults we aim to cultivate meaningful friendships with people who will talk with us, laugh with us, and enjoy us.

The entire human race is in search of love, and acceptance and belonging.   Thank God for the gift of family and friendships and relationships that satisfy this desire. I personally cannot think of anything that feels better than acceptance, and I cannot think of anything that hurts my heart more than rejection.

Love and acceptance and a sense of belonging are what I love about Tuesday night Kids Club. The children there make me think me so much of the love Jesus Christ has for all of mankind; they demonstrate the power of love that breaks down barriers and goes beyond all physical, spiritual and economical differences- and bring about unity and happiness.

I remember one night in particular at Kids Club, I was coloring at a table with a group of 4 girls. After about 30 minutes of coloring we had all exchanged names and began to develop a friendship, when in walks a small- somewhat shy girl- who we could tell wanted to join but was too afraid to ask. At this moment I held my breath when flashbacks of the rejection I experienced myself by peers at their age came to my remembrance. In a brief moment of silence which felt like a lifetime, one of the 4 girls spoke out with much excitement and compassion “HEY! You want to join us? Come sit and color with us, my name is ….!” I let out a deep sigh as my anxiety was replaced by peace! The 5 of us enjoyed one another’s presence, laughing and talking, and savored every moment.

The children at Tuesday Night Kids Club are so unique and every moment with them is a JOY. Volunteering at Kids Club isn’t work- it’s life! Our Lord said (and I am paraphrasing) “If I have all these things but do not have love- I am nothing” -1 Corinthians 10:7 MSG Version. Whether it’s child to child, volunteer to child, or volunteer to volunteer- KIDS CLUB IS ONE BIG LOVE FEST!  Nothing makes my heart come more alive than witnessing and being a part of the friendly  affectionate interactions that go on there J


At SON Ministries- PEOPLE are our PRIORITY – RELATIONSHIPS are our Goal!

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