An Invite for FUN

By: Ciara Alexander

OSU Masters of Social Work Intern with SON Ministries, Academic Year 2013/14


Have you ever been the new person in the room? You feel uncomfortable, so you pretend you’re busy. You pull out your phone and check the weather, or maybe you text a friend just to say “Hi.”

At SON Ministries’ Tuesday night Kids Club, I saw this happening with one of the newer girls.  She sheepishly sat off to the side of the room drawing on the white boards by herself.  Every time I walked by we sort of grinned at each other, until I finally had a minute to chat with her.  Quickly, she confided that she was new and rather “nervous” about playing with the other children.  I asked her which activity she enjoyed most and she happily responded jumping-rope.  As fate would have it (or Jesus, if you believe), one of the girls with a very welcoming personality happened to walk by.  “Leena, this is my new friend Jacqueline.  She likes to jump-rope. Would you like to jump-rope with us?”  Instantly, a bond.  In no time, the girls were laughing, and together we moved from jumping-rope to snack-eating to bracelet making.  Sometimes it only takes an invite for the FUN to begin, and a relationship to effortlessly start.

I would like to extend that invite to you: At SON Ministries, we build up COMMUNITY one respectful, empowering relationship at a time.

Wouldn’t YOU  like to come have fun – and build relationships – with us?


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