Smiles Know No Barriers

By: Ciara Alexander, OSU Social Work Intern with SON Ministries, Academic Year 2013/14

There is one gesture that knows no barriers—a smile.  For even one second, when we smile, we share in a common experience.  To my delight, on January 9th, the smiles were abundant at SON Ministries’ registration night for the Tuesday and Thursday night  Family ESOL/KIDS Club program.  I saw smiles on the faces of both parents and children alike with 41 new families and 88 children joining the program that night.  The countries of origin that were represented were many (17 on that particular night) and the languages were varying (Spanish, English, Arabic), but the smiles knew no barriers!


Look at how the smiles of the new and returning children at play are bringing them together!  The experience was unique for each of us.  For me, sometimes I simply didn’t know what another was trying to ask me! However, quickly, smiles would appear and it became understood that we are in this together, giving our best effort, and trying to find answers to life’s questions together.  These uniting SMILES are one of the many reasons I look forward each week at Kids Club – to watch new and old friendships grow.

At SON Ministries, PEOPLE are our priority – RELATIONSHIPS are our goal!
I invite YOU to join us! You are guaranteed a lot of smiles!

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