At SON Ministries we are INSPIRED by the UNEXPECTED.


Katie Ganick
AmeriCorps VISTA at SON Ministries 

The craft table at Family ESOL/ Kids Club is one of my favorite places to observe.  It is also a favorite place of the children too -mostly because of one dedicated and faithful volunteer who shows up weekly, providing crafts and activities for the children.  The special relationship that the children have with this volunteer is evident.  They wait patiently for her to show up and often stay after, spending extra time to help her clean up, rather than play. Image

As the holidays are approaching, the children had been working on festive crafts! I love seeing the children’s imagination and creativity through these crafts and last night was no exception.   The children were working on table center pieces that were decorated with white fluffy stuffing that looked like snow.  They started off following the directions to the craft and then finished making their beautiful center pieces.   When the majority had finished their projects, they began to pick up the fluffy stuffing off of the table and play with it.  I joined in and picked up a piece too and decided to make it into a mustache.  They loved this and soon everyone wanted mustaches.  However, the children took it to the next level and showed their true imagination! Mustaches soon turned into long fluffy Santa Claus beards, perfect for the holidays!  Beards turned into bushy eyebrows and eyebrows led to white snowy hair!  Both boys and girls enjoyed playing dress up and making their hairy creations.  They ran around the gym showing off their white fluffy additions, attracting other children to do the same.   After this, the gym was filled with little “Kids Club Santas” – bringing smiles to EVERYONE’S faces.  It was impossible not to laugh and smile at their creativity.  At SON Ministries we are INSPIRED by the UNEXPECTED! 

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