God’s Glory in a Small World

“The heavens declare the glory of God.” Psalm 19:1


We often tell people that you can make a difference in the lives of children when you volunteer for SON Ministries.  We also say that by doing so, you will be blessed.  I have seen this to be true over and over.  I have come to realize recently that there are even more often “unseen” people blessed if you dig a little deeper. 

My mother is elderly, confined to a wheel chair, in poor health and has few resources.  Each time I visit her in the nursing home she asks “how are your children?”  She is not referring to my own two children, her grandchildren.  She is referring to the children at Family/ESOL Kids Club.  She delights in hearing that the young children painted with marbles or that the Metro Parks visited and brought a snake, frog and turtle to show the children.  She was “over the moon” when she learned that we were setting up a Winter Coat Store and that children in need would receive a new, warm coat at low cost. 

My mother’s world is very small.  She shares a small room in a nursing home and has not left the building in 3 years.  Despite this, she experiences the glory of God each time she hears the stories and looks at the photos of the children whose lives are touched by ALL involved with SON Ministries. 

This Christmas season I encourage you to consider the “unseen” in your lives.

Pam Vallette, SON Ministries, Program Manager

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