Friends & Family Night!

For the past several weeks, our campers have been working hard to use their talents to give back to the community. They all put in their special skills in order to show their family and friends what camp meant to them this year. After a ton of work, it really payed off. We had over 145 people come to support all of our campers last night. 

We had a bake sale and lemonade stand that the campers made all of the food for and served themselves.



There was an art gallery that featured a life size house as well as a box city that all of the campers designed and created on their own.



And of course, there was both a soccer game, and a dodgeball game. There was even a dodgeball game where that was adults were against campers. They made their own jerseys and their own soccer goals.



There was also a talent show where a camper played guitar, cornet, and a team of 7 girls performed their very own dance routine. We as staff were so proud of all our campers and want to thank everyone for showing their support in joining us last evening. 

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